1975 Pontiac Astre GT

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1975 Pontiac Astre
Josh Campbell, Gilbert, AZ
Best E.T.: 12.595/110

The Astre GT is one of Pontiac’s lesser known cars. While the light weight Chevy Vega gained popularity with the drag racing crowd, it’s cousin the Astre, didn’t get the same respect. That’s fine I guess. It just makes them more rare and unique now.

Josh Campbell is the owner of the 1975 Pontiac Astre GT you see here. Josh and his father bought this and another Astre parts car from a salvage yard for a $70 a piece.

As soon as Josh got home he proceeded to upgrade the Astre with Chevy S-10 spindles, brakes, and a S-10 rear axle with 3.73 gears. The Astre GT originally had the “H.O.” 140 cid 87 horsepower engine. Josh dumped that in favor of a GM 355 with Keith Black flattop pistons and Dart aluminum Pro1 heads, which make about 10:1 compression. To that, he added a Performer RPM intake, Holley 750 carb, Comp Cams 268H Extreme Energy cam, and a full MSD ignition.

The 355 was mated to a TH350 with a shift kit. Josh admits that sending all this power to the Chevy S-10 axle isn’t the strongest setup, but he didn’t know he was going to be adding so much power. That’s OK, we’ve seen many V8 powered S-10’s hold up just fine. He did stiffen the car up some by adding Alston’s subframe connectors.

Josh made the paint and body a labor of love, spending untold hours aligning panels, blocking, and eventually spraying, wet sanding, and polishing the paint himself. Even the GT stripe was hand traced by Josh, then cut from 3M vinyl by a graphics shop. This car probably never looked this good when it was new.

Originally The Astre’s Interior Was A Festive Red And White, But luckily Josh was able to round up enough parts from Astres and Vegas to swap over to black. The door panels are from a Cosworth Vega, and the seats came from a Vega wagon that Josh bought, fixed up, and resold to help fund the GT.


’75 Pontiac Astre
Josh Campbell, 23 • Gilbert, AZ
Total cost to build: $9,891


Type: Chevy 355ci small-block
Block: stock GM, bored .030
Oiling: stock pump and pan
Rotating assembly: GM cast crank, stock rods,
and 10.5:1 Keith Black hypereutectic pistons
Cylinder heads: Dart aluminum Pro1 with 2.02/1.60 valves
Camshaft: COMP Cams Xtreme Energy 268H .477/.480-inch lift
Valvetrain: COMP Cams 1.6:1 roller rockers,
and Cloyes double-roller timing set
Induction: Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, Holley 750-cfm carb
Ignition: MSD 6AL box, distributor, Blaster SS coil, and plug wires
Exhaust: Sanderson headers, Purple Hornies mufflers
Cooling: Summit Racing water pump;
Tru-Kool aluminum radiator,
and single electric fan
Output: 292 rear-wheel horsepower at 5,700 rpm and 297 lb-ft at 3,700 rpm
Built by: Basko


Transmission: GM Turbo 350 , stock converter;
Hurst Quarter Stick shifter
Rear axle: GM S-10 rearend, 3.73:1 gears


Front suspension: S-10 spindles and ball joints,
CSK Suto V-8 Monza Springs,
Summit Racing 90/10 shocks
Rear suspension: four-link with Spohn adjustable
upper and lower control arms,
’80s Trans Am springs with Gabriel shocks
Brakes: stock ’90s S-10 discs, front;
stock S-10 drums, rear


Wheels: Weld Draglite 15×3.5, front; 15×7, rear
Tires: 145-15 Nankang, front; 235/60R15 BFGoodrich, rear


’75 Pontiac Astre GT: $70
Paint and body: $1,060
Interior: $1,184
Wheels: $350
Engine short-block: $1,532
Cam: $215
Pushrods: $35
Rockers: $260
Cylinder heads: $1,269
Intake manifold: $150
Carburetor: $142
Distributor and coil: $265
Ignition box and wires: $276
Radiator: $199
Water pump: $72
Cooling fan: $20
Suspension: $1,538
Misc. parts: $1,254
Total: $9,891


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