1985 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Concept Car

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This is one of three 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 concept cars that were built by Pontiac. Of the three created, one was black, and two were maroon (black cherry) and grey (that copied the burgundy Monte SS at the time).

If you’re familiar with the Grand Prix 2+2 (See 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2), than you should quickly recognize that this original concept has a rear spoiler instead of the large aero rear window that was used on the actual Grand Prix 2+2. The rear spoiler on this car is actually from a Formula Firebird that was glassed on to the trunk lid.

Why the rear spoiler? In the old days, they called it moving the bubble. That meant that by extending the trunk back and/or up into the slip stream, you could actually move the air stream higher off the rear of the roof therefore cutting down on the low pressure area behind the back glass. That reduces the drag coefficient making the car faster on straightaways. Obviously, it didn’t work well enough because Pontiac added the bubble glass on the production model.

Since this car was a concept car and not intended for production, it does nit have a full VIN number. Instead, it simply has an identification number of EX4788. This VIN is standard fare for cars not intended for production.

This grand Prix 2+2 was created as a “style concept exercises” and given to a few select Pontiac upper management to drive. These were known as “Brass Hat” cars. Very little paperwork accompany these cars. All were returned to GM after use.

This car was auctioned off in 2009 by Barret-Jackson for $19,800. It was listed with Mecum Auto Auction in 2013, but did not sell.

Administrators Note: Honestly, from an overall look and muscle car style, I like the car with the spoiler instead of the large rear window.


  • One of one prototype
  • Concept car from GM
  • Nicknamed “Whaletail” by GM because of the tail on rear
  • Designed with NASCAR, an experiment with wind flow design
  • Car Craft Magazine in July 2011
  • Experimental VIN: EX4788
  • Sold on Bill of Sale Only
  • This vehicle is not certified to comply with any federal state or local laws, rules or regulations and may not be driven on public roads.



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