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The Perfect G8 Girlfriend
The Perfect G8 Girlfriend

The Perfect G8 Girlfriend

Filed in Pontiac G8 by on September 21, 2016 • views: 1338

We discovered this lovely blonde online after her boyfriend posted these photos of her. It seems that for their 5-year anniversary, she went and had these photos taken as a gift for him. The specs on the car are: 2008 G8 GT-Liquid Red TSP Forged LS3 TSP Ported L92 Rick Crawford Cam Procharger D1 Solo […]


The Crow Is Back – Taking on Gas Monkey Garage views: 156

In December we paid tribute to Justin (Big Chief) Shearer and The Crow (his 1972 Pontiac LeMans) that was destroyed last November in a violent crash. We’re excited to report that The Crow is back, and while the original Crow’s body was pretty much destroyed, Big Chief was able to salvage the doors. As you can […]

1978 Macho T/A Turbo views: 232

These Macho T/A graphics may seem like the work of some time-warped customizer, but the Macho T/A is actually a bona-fide collectible. The Macho T/A was originally the handiwork of Dennis and Kyle Mecham.  Dennis and Kyle were the sons of dealership owner, Evan Mecham, and Dennis had modified his black 1976 Trans Am for […]

Sid Tracy’s 1969 Pontiac Firebird views: 313

This ’69 Firebird is owned by Sid Tracy, and was built by Troy Grudge from BBT Fabrications, with design help from Ben Hermance from Hermance Designs. Sid wasn’t sure how people would respond to the changes they made to the cars nose, the Challenger headlights, and the ground effects. They’ve gone over well with Pontiac […]

1975 Pontiac Astre GT views: 225

1975 Pontiac Astre Josh Campbell, Gilbert, AZ Best E.T.: 12.595/110 The Astre GT is one of Pontiac’s lesser known cars. While the light weight Chevy Vega gained popularity with the drag racing crowd, it’s cousin the Astre, didn’t get the same respect. That’s fine I guess. It just makes them more rare and unique now. […]