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665 Horsepower Monster Pontiac Aztek
665 Horsepower Monster Pontiac Aztek

665 Horsepower Monster Pontiac Aztek

Filed in Pontiac Aztek, Pontiac Concepts by on February 12, 2017 • views: 1149;

I’m always on the search for unique Pontiac’s. I stumbled on a photo of this Pontiac Aztek, and began a search for more photos and information. This one’s to unique to let it disappear; By the time Mark Reuss reached the age of 36, people were criticizing his work with gusto. Why not? He, a […]


1970 Laguna Blue Pontiac GTO views: 253;

Here’s another classic GTO with modern muscle. This 1970 GTO sports a 450 horsepower LS1 GM v8 mated to a 4L60E overdrive transmission. The transmission is shifted to a Lokar shifter, and the power is sent to a the rear tires through 3.73 gear and a posi-trac differential. A dual exhaust with long tube headers and […]

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix RAM AIR GTX views: 798;

The 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix Ram Air GTX tuned by SLP may go down as one of the few collectible cars from the 1990’s. So, what’s rare about a 1997 Grand Prix? How many supercharged, 300 horsepower, 3.8 liter V6’s do you remember seeing on the street? How many factory-endorsed SLP tuned cars PERIOD do you remember? A […]

1968 Pontiac Firebird – Carved To Perfection views: 472;

An engineer and machinist by trade, Ken Ramey carved his Firebird to Pro Touring perfection Michelangelo had marble. The ancient Romans had travertine. Ken Ramey’s material of choice is much harder to whittle into shape than natural stone, but raw blocks of billet aluminum are no match for his mastery of lathes, mills, and five-axis […]

USAF Pontiac GTO / G8 – U2 Chaser views: 708;

Riding a wingspan roughly as wide as a 10-story building is high, the U-2 pilot, insulated in a full pressurized flight suit and astronaut-like helmet, grips the stick and makes a final check on his alignment with the runway. The Lockheed spyplane is in the final seconds of a long, high-altitude recon mission overflying volatile […]