John Clegg’s 1,200 HP Pontiac LeMans

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This Texas based 1964 Le Mans is one of the meanest pieces we have seen in some time and it punches all the right buttons for us, that is for sure. Bought by the owner about 40 years ago and left to sit outside for decades in the Texas weather, the rough and tumble exterior look is a result of nature literally taking its course on the paint. Don’t let that outside fool you though because under the skin, this is one serious hot rod. The engine is a 1,200hp centrifugally supercharged Pontiac mill based on an aftermarket block and looking 100% bad ass. The car has run 185mph at the Texas Mile and the owner mentions Drag Week a couple of times in his interview. We’d love to see this mother as part of the Drag Week posse and judging by this guy’s attitude we think he would fit right in.

We’re suckers for 1964 Pontiacs around here for many reasons but this is a car that really looks right to us. While we do not dislike the natural color tones on the car right now we will mention that a factory style paint job with some nice Royal Bobcat decals on the C-pillar would also look fine. We can’t imagine what this thing felt like at 185mph because it does not have any sort of aerodynamic aids at all. It isn’t like there was an air dam or a chin spoiler keeping the nose planted. It should also be noted that the suspension is 100% custom like the rest of the car. Four link out back, all custom stuff up front, etc. This thing really is done right and we’re dying to see it in person. Oh well, this is as close as we’re going to get for a while.

We’re just REALLY loving the fact that there is not an LS engine within a mile of this thing. Pontiac power forever!


John & Judy Clegg’s Mission Garage



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