Readers Rides – What Do You Drive?

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(Sharron S. 1975 Pontiac Formula / 462 Pontiac / 510 HP 540 torque )

From time to time our readers will use the ‘Submit‘ button (down at the bottom right) to send us photos of their Pontiac’s.  It would be nice if we could get more enthusiasts to not only share photos of their Pontiac’s, but to share information with one another. Would you like to post photos of your favorite Pontiac? Have information you’d like to share, or even a question to pose to other Pontiac enthusiasts?

We’re trying to see if there is enough interest to add a forum feature to this website. A forum would allow our readers to share their own photos and information with other enthusiasts. Sound interesting? Please vote in the poll to the right under ‘We Need Your Input”.


Chris B. unrestored 1980 Grand Prix LJ with 35,000 original miles!


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